How to make a new login


With our new website comes the necessity to make a new login. Below follows a brief explanation how to do this.

Top of the page on your right you will find the login button. When you click on this button a login screen opens.


When you haven't made a login yet you can fill in the [E-mail / Gebruiker] box with your email address or username! Attention: when you have kids who are linked to your email address, you MUST NOT use your email address but instead use a username!!!

You can choose from 2 username numbers:

  • KNLTB number
  • DDV accountnummer (the number supplied in the email you received to explain how to make a login)

Both these numbers work. If you can't find either of these numbers, please send an email to to request your number.

When you have filled in the [E-mail / Gebruiker] box with one of these three usernames, click on: [opvragen?] (next to 'wachtwoord'). You will then be sent an email with a temporary password to fill in to the [wachtwoord] box. It can sometimes take a minute to receive this email.

When you have entered the temporary password in the [wachtwoord] box, click on: 'inloggen' (which means login). You will then be directed to make a personal password for the website. First enter your temporary password in the [huidige wachtwoord] box, then enter your personal made up password in the [nieuw eigen wachtwoord] box and enter it again in the [herhaal eigen wachtwoord] box. Then click on 'Bewaren' (which means: save).

Now your logn has been made!

When you have already made a login but need to change it

Fill in the [E-mail / Gebruiker] box with your preferred username (one of the above three options) and click on: [opvragen?] and then click on [verstuur nieuw wachtwoord] (which means send me a new password). You then receive a new email with a new temporary password which you can then enter in the [wachtwoord] box to then follow the aforementioned steps again.

Still having trouble?

Please email explaining where in the proces you're getting stuck or text 0638777869 (You will then be replyed or called).

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