Social Tennis

social tennis

ALTC DDV has a thriving expat community at our club. Who regularly organise social gatherings like Dutch "Stamppot" lunches, or "beer tasting on the terrace" but mostly we play tennis with each other! We have a whatsapp group to communicate with each other and play individually and as a group.

Group sessions are with a coach on 3-4 adjoining outdoor courts. During the summerseason, we play between April and October, on FRIDAYS between 6-8 pm (2 groups).

During the winterseason, we play on either indoor or outdoor courts between October and April, on SATURDAYS between 12-2 pm. It's a great way to meet new people and play tennis.

The groups are divided in beginners and intermediates/advanced over 1-4 courts. These are popular and well attended sessions with coaching by two of our club trainers.

If you'd like to find out more about our club ALTC DDV, about activities and events and/or tennis lessons, check out this LINK.

If you're interested in joining or giving socialtennis a try, email Dave:

Want to join us, then become a member of our tennis club ALTC DDV and signup HERE!


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