social tennis

Social Tennis

During the winterseason, between October and April, we have two non-dutchie club sessions on SATURDAYS between 1-4pm, which is also open to non-members. It's a great way to meet new people and play tennis.

The club sessions are divided in two 1,5 hour sessions on 1-3 indoor courts. They are popular and well attended sessions with coaching by one of our club trainers.

If you're interested in joining or giving it a try, email Dave:

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Membership and Subscription Fees

Every new senior and youth member is very welcome at DDV. For more information about membership, playing options and participation in competition tennis, mail If you only want to play during the day on weekdays (not during the evening hours and weekends), you can opt for a day membership. You can always convert a day membership into a full membership.

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Courts and Facilities

ALTC DDV is one of the oldest tennis clubs in the Netherlands with a rich tradition. At our fifteen well-groomed and Floodlit clay courts in Amsterdam South, we combine fun and recreational tennis with top sporting performance. 

There are plenty of events at DDV and many members play in the spring and autumn competitions. You can also train with our own training staff. Court availability is generally very good.

Our youth department has over 400 members and is very active. We have an enthusiastic 55+ department with toss competitions and tournaments, culminating in the annual tournament with Festina for the famous VET cup. Something for everyone!

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