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General Members Meeting 2021 (digital)

Due to the corona crisis and the associated measures, the GMM will once again be organized digitally in January on Thursday 27 January, starting at 7 p.m. How will this work?

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Are you also awesome?

Are you fun? Are you creative? Are you enthusiastic? Do you care? Do you recognize yourself in these words....

Do you have time and would you like to spend that time in a fun way with other fun and enthusiastic people like you?

Do you have skills and would you like to use those skills for DDV?

Are you getting a smile reading this? Then email us, because we need you! (secretaris@altcddv.nl)

We are looking for awesome people who want to commit themselves to:

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club champions

Club Champions 2021

The new Club champions of 2021 are.... drum roll....

Erik Schimmer and Florina Nosca congratulations on your wins! Both of you fought hard and deserved the win!

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Confidential Counselor

Anyone who plays sports should be able to do so in a safe environment. DDV considers it natural to do everything it can to prevent things such as 'bullying', conflicts and arguments, discrimination and sexually transgressive behavior within our tennis club. But suppose that….

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